School Updates

    After School Clubs will take place as usual on Friday 9th February.

    Children will be bringing home their written mid-year reports.

    5-7.30pm on 14th March & 3.15-6pm on 15th March.


    Committee Members

    • James Dean
    • Chloe Gill
    • Matilda Glendinning
    • Harry Mulkeen
    • Tom Ratu
    • Ellie Baron-Stansfield
    • Paige Mollard
    • Jimmy King
    • Katie Pickup
    • Oliver Mills
    • Joseph Holt
    • Lucia Whipp
    • Kamran Turner
    • Ellie-Dene Ashcroft
    • Harris Khan
    • Aleena Khawaja

    The Eco Committee meet each Friday morning during assembly. The Year six children take it in turns to chair the meetings and make notes in our record book. Each member has their own action plan and the group uses this to plan their own meetings. We have planned a wide range of activities this year. We also want to apply for our third green flag award.

    Whole School Eco Targets

    1. To continue to reduce the amount of energy we use.
    2. To continue to reduce the amount of water we use.
    3. To continue to develop and care for our new habitat for animals and insects in the outdoor quad.
    4. To continue to care for our school grounds.
    5. To grow our own vegetables to eat.
    6. To promote a healthy lifestyle.
    7. To promote walking to school using the new path.
    8. To make our school litter free.
    9. To continue to recycle paper and reduce the amount of paper we use
    10. To learn about Eco issues around the world

    Eco Action Plan 2017 - 2018

    Eco Schools and Green Flag Award Website info 2017