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Norden Summer Multi Activities 2017

We are please to announce our new programme for Norden Multi Activities 2017. 

There will be 10 activity days this year starting on Monday 24th July and finishing on Friday 4th August - 9.30am - 3pm.

We are also offering a Breakfast Club. This opens at 8am and we will enrol your children directly into their activities for 9.30am.

There are some really exciting activities this time included in the programme. 

Don't delay enrol TODAY! - all activities are allocated on a first come first servies basis. 

If you enrol your child before 30th April we will give you a 10% reduction on the enrolment fee if you book for 5 or more days. (the Breakfast Club is not included in this offer.)

To make parents/carers of younger children feel happier leaving their child/ren we have allocated  staff members to help them when needed.  

If your child is 7 years or under and you would like to use our lunchtime provision for food you can pre-book their choice on the morning of their activities. 

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to call Lynne or Andy on 01706 657485 or visit our Facebook page (Norden Multi-Activities).